Friendly Kick in the A**: You Create Your Life


Has anyone ever informed you that you create your own life?

That’s right.

You’re the one in charge.

You call the shots in your life, whether you know it or not.

Life does not happen to you.

Everything that happens in your life is caused by decisions you make, big or small.

And if you think you can slide through life not making any decisions because you’re scared of fucking shit up, tough.

Newsflash: “Not making a decision” is you DECIDING not to make a decision.

And it’s much better to make a “bad” decision and learn from the mistake rather than deciding not to act at all.

So put your big kid pants on, and start actively participating in your life.

The second you take responsibility for things, the second things start turning around.

Put your focus and energy into making the things you want actually happen, instead of wishing for things to change and dwelling on the things you don’t want or like.


Just because your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, etc. think a certain way does not mean that you have to think that way.

Decide what feels true for you, and leave the rest.

Anyone who has an issue with you thinking for yourself should not be a part of your life.

Kick those assholes to the curb.

Let go of the bullshit from your past.

The scars.

The tears.

The pain.

The struggle.

If you keep telling yourself stories from your past, you’ll never allow a fresh page to be turned to create a new one.


Anything you don’t like about your life right now can be changed the second you intend to.

Your current circumstances are only the result of past decisions.

Make new decisions and you’ll get different results.

Remember that love fuels life, and you should be so focused on sending and receiving love in your life that there is no room for hate.

There is always time to change the road you’re on, dear, even if it seems like there aren’t any alternate routes in sight.

Pave your own road, if it comes to that.

Stagnation kills dreams, and depresses the fuck out of you. Avoid that at all costs.

Get your ass in gear and make the change.

Oh, and PS: You’ve got this shit.


Arise: a poem to girls everywhere

I wish you could know the true power of your being.

The divine light that shines

through your eyes every second of the day,

illuminating the world

with your essence.

You are enough.

No matter how many times people tell you differently.

No matter how many times you look in the mirror

and wonder why the hell

you were put on this earth

in the first place.

YOU are enough.

If I could only make this one promise to you

and have you believe it,

it would be enough.

Too many days have gone by where I,

where you,

feel as if no one can hear

the desperate whispers

of your soul,

Begging to be noticed.

Your soul is only asking for


to notice.

The outside world is not your gauge for acceptance.

Until you accept yourself,

the world will continue to disown you.

You are beautiful




Fucking amazing.

Anyone who tells you differently should not be a part of your tribe.

There is a magic essence

waiting to burst through

your cells

out of your soul,

To make your mark on the world.

Throw away your fear

and let it happen.

The world needs what you have to offer.

If you feel like there’s nothing valuable about you,

Check again.

Keep looking

and searching

and exploring

until you find it.

You are worth the effort.

How sad a world

it would be

without your unique


Do not deprive us of your special gifts.


are what we’ve been

waiting for.